Mike Jones ‘Still Tippin’ to be on the ‘NBA 2K19’ Soundtrack

NBA 2K19 ’s soundtrack has been revealed via an Instagram post from Grammy-winning rapper Travis Scott. The album includes nearly 50 tracks from artists like Mike Jones, Bruno Mars, Fall Out Boy, Alison Wonderland and PARTYNEXTDOOR. The best part? You can listen to it right now by clicking this link to its dedicated Spotify playlist.

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Mike Jones Gets Nostalgic About Houston, Shows Love To Lil Yachty & More [Interview]

Mike Jones speaks with Okayplayer about the good ole’ days in the H-Town, his original rap name, and how he may be working with Lil Yachty.

“Mike Jones! Who?! Mike Jones!”

The adlib that will forever be tied to the legendary Houston rapper, whose real name is actually Mike Jones. By now, a few other songs may have popped into your head: “Flossin’,” “Cuddy Buddy,” and “Back Then” — home to the iconic “2-8-1, 3-3-0, 8-0-0-4” line.

Mike Jones the artist, who at one point was one of the biggest celebrities in hip-hop, gave his real-life telephone number for the entire world to hear. Mind you, this is the early 2000’s when streaming platforms had not yet taken over. During a time when pushing hard-copy albums and going to radio stations to have your records played were two things at the forefront of any up and coming artist — Mike Jones did not fall short.

At one point, he was running the H-Town, breaking into the mainstream scene and taking over airwaves all around the city. Besides the nostalgia that ensues upon hearing his famous line, “Back then hoes didn’t want me / Now I’m hot, hoes all on me,” the hit record landed him his first-and-only top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 as a solo artist — peaking at #22.

Despite the fact that that line may not work in 2018, Mike Jones knows the impact he had on Houston hip-hop, giving legends such as Z-Ro and Paul Wall a run for their money. We got a chance to chat with the enterprising rapper about back-in-the-day H-Town, his original rap name before using his real one and possibly working with Lil Yachty.

Okayplayer: For a generation who might not be as familiar with you and your music, can you talk about how the whole “Who? Mike Jones?” adlib got started?

Mike Jones: The adlib really got started when I was just trying to get people to really know about me and my music, and people were being really sarcastic at the time. So when I went back to my grandmother’s and I was telling her what happened, she was just telling me to throw it back in their face. When they being funny about it, just throw it back in their face. And now I am like, ‘Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones!’ And now it’s like household thing.

OKP: How do you feel that has impacted your hit records and what they mean to the buying public?MJ: I think it means a lot now to the buying public because that’s what they look at as far as what’s needed or what’s in demand. Right now, Spotify is how people dictate if [one’s music is] successful or not. We didn’t have Spotify when I came out, so all we had to do back then was sell records. Now, all we gotta do is get a million streams. So it changed the dynamic of what the game was and what the hustle is all about.

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